2. Plane den Trade und trade den Plan

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Step 2. Methodology Behind Your Trade Plan

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There’s a method to your madness, right? Now that you have your objective in mind and know where you’re going with your trading, it is important to describe how you intend to conduct your trading business in general terms, i.e., your methodology.

Once again, it is important to start with some self-analysis so you know what methodology will work best for you. Here’s some questions that will help:

About Me

  • What is my experience level? (Novice, intermediate, pro?)
  • How much trading have I done in other markets?
  • Am I sure I’m emotionally, physically, and mentally ready to trade?

Next, it’s on to the nuts and bolts of your current level of knowledge. A prime consideration in developing a trading methodology is recognizing how much you know about the markets you want to trade and the factors that drive them. The more you know, and the more you are interested in the subject, the greater care you will be able to take. In addition, consider when these markets are open and whether you will be able to offer them the proper attention at important trading times. Carefully consider these questions when putting together this part of your trading plan:

About My Trading Methodology

  • What type of trader do I expect to be?
    • Day trader
    • Swing trader (1-3 days)
    • Intermediate trader (10-30 days)
    • Long-term trader
  • Which markets will I trade?
  • How much equity do I plan to use?
  • How much of my equity am I willing to risk (in dollars and/or percentage?)
  • What is my tolerance for losing? (Low, medium, high?)

Example Trade Plan Methodology

  • I am a beginning trader with knowledge of and interest in the crude oil market.
  • I plan to be an intermediate trader in this market.
  • I have $10,000 in equity and am willing to risk 2%; my tolerance for losing is medium.
  • I will be able to offer this market the proper attention at important trading times.
  • I know that every Wednesday at 9:30 CDT the EIA releases weekly inventory levels for crude oil, and I need to plan accordingly.

2 Planes Crash Into World Trade Center

By Terence Neilan

    Sept. 11, 2001

In parallel attacks in New York City and Washington, planes crashed into each of the twin towers of the World Trade Center around 9 this morning and a plane later crashed into the outer ring of the Pentagon building, causing smoke, fire and a sense of panic in the streets.

Later, after a number of explosions, both towers of the World Trade Center collapsed. An enormous loss of life was feared.

In a short announcement during a visit to Sarasota, Fla., President Bush called the World Trade Center attack „a national tragedy and an apparent act of terrorism against our country.“

Julian E. Barnes, a Times reporter, interviewed people who were in the towers at the time of the impact and people who witnessed the planes crashing into the towers.

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A man who was standing on the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge, Nicholas Gasper, who works for the New York City Transit Department, said he saw a four-engine plane „doing a tilt into the building. From what I saw it looked like the place sliced into the tower,“ referring to the second impact. He said he heard the building shake. „I am still shaking,“ he added.

A second man who was three or four blocks away from the tower, Terrance Phillips, 35, from New Jersey, said he was looking at the fire. „Then I saw a 747 or some kind of plane. It crashed in and exploded. People were watching and then they started stampeding away.“

He added: „People were jumping out of the building. People seemed to be deciding just to take their own lives. It was the most horrific thing I have ever seen.“

Television cameras captured the collapse in Manhattan. Both towers partially disappeared behind thick clouds of dark smoke; then the top floors of the south tower began to fall. Black smoke was all that remained. The camera’s distance made it impossible to see people or details of the floors collapse, but witnesses said they had seen people jumping out windows.

After the second tower fell, the entire area was consumed with smoke, as if clouds had descended and enveloped the lower tip of Manhattan. The smoke continued to spread, over the harbor.

Further television coverage showed people running through the streets pursued by the smoke.

Sherri Day, a reporter at The Times, said she was forced to take refuge in a store to escape the billowing smoke. „Everything’s black,“ she said. „It is impossible to see anything.“

In New York City, primary elections for mayor and other offices were called off after they had begun.

At a meeting in Lima, Peru, of the Organization of American States, Secretary of State Colin L. Powell spoke out against the attacks.

„A great tragedy has struck our country and it will not affect the nature of our society,“ he said. „We’ll find out who’s responsible for this and bring them to justice.“ He took no questions and was returning to Washington, cutting short what was to have been a two-day visit.

After the crash at the Pentagon building, the White House, the Capitol building, the Treasury, State Department and all other federal buildings were evacuated. In New York, the United Nations building was also evacuated.

All airline travel within the United States was suspended and Mr. Bush was said to be on his way back from Sarasota to Washington. International flights were being diverted to Canada.

Mr. Bush said in Sarasota that he had ordered that „the full resources of the federal government“ be used to carry out a full investigation to find out who was responsible for the World Trade Center attacks.

„Terrorism against our country will not stand,“ he said, before ending by leading a prayer for victims of the attacks.

Witness accounts differed over what kind of planes were involved in the impacts. One witness told CNN television that the first plane seemed to slow and deliberately line up before crashing into the north tower.

A witness who works in the strategic planning department at The New York Times, Alan Flippen, said that as he came to work on 46th Street just before 9 he saw an American Airlines Boeing 767 flying „very low in the direction of the World Trade Center towers.“

He said he did not see the impact, but later reports said one of the planes that crashed into the towers was an American Airlines plane that had been hijacked on a flight from Boston.

In Washington, officials said the F.B.I. was investigating reports of the hijacking before the crashes.

Heavy black smoke billowed into the sky above the gaping holes in the side of the 110-story twin towers, one of New York City’s most famous landmarks, and debris rained down upon the street, one of the city’s busiest work areas. When the second plane hit, a fireball of flame and smoke erupted, leaving a huge hole in the glass and steel tower.

All New York City-area airports were shut down, and several subway lines were immediately shut down. Trading on Wall Street was suspended and many businesses were ordered to evacuate their personnel.

2. Plane den Trade und trade den Plan

Follow PLAN Following PLAN Unfollow PLAN

PLAN Stock Chart


Contextual immersion trading strategy idea. Anaplan has a strong downside trend. This and other conditions can cause a fall in the share price in the next days. I saw it again and opened a short position from $29,97; Information about take-profits and stop-loss will be later. Do not view this idea as a recommendation for trading or investing. It is published.

Forgot to make a trade journal yesterday for PLAN long. On Feb 4th, PLAN broke out to new highs but failed and revered in the subsequent days. During the reversal, PLAN hammered at the breakout point and the 20MA indicating strength. Since then PLAN is consolidating above the breakout area and possibly ready to head to new highs. Entry – 61.07 Stop Loss -.

nice monday morning setup!

Bearish candle after good earning report .. long red candle with large volume suggest to re-visit the broken line pre-earning and targeting main support at 47 then can be bounce from there or continue hold

Possible Entry level $49.40 dependent on market performance today. Target price at Fibonacci Golden pocket @ approx $53.20 Chart is bullish and sentiment has changed towards the cloud stocks once again, after a sell off from the summer highs. Recent Analyst commentry. 10/29 Anaplan initiated at Piper Jaffray Anaplan assumed with an Overweight at Piper Jaffray.

This is forming a nice triangle pattern. It has earnings on the Nov 21 so I won’t do anything until after that event. patience. with a watchful eye. Ideas, not investing advice.

Again broken trend line with higher volume – negative divergence with MFI – Weak RSI – Could drop to 38 to close gap

Possible reversal trade opportunity. Average analysts price target $63 | Overweight. Recent upgrade Evercore ISI analyst Kirk Materne upgraded Anaplan to Outperform from In Line with a $57 price target as he believes the recent pullback in the stock sets up a more attractive risk/reward for what he continues to view as a „category killer“ in the connected.

very nice setup for long positions with bullish candlesticks pattern

$PLAN Next target 41

Very nice indicators showing potential uptrend . Friday close was bearish so expected to pullback to 49 support or below it then bounce at end of the week also if closed above upper tail of Friday candle then it will be perfect confirmation for coming uptrend . Stoploss at black trend line if its broken then cancel this idea . Major resistance at the double top near 60

$PLAN Bullish reversal

Coming into daily trend line and seeing doji candles. at .5 fib retracement. Looking for longs here while the whole market is rending up still

Plan dropped to it’s near overall trend line, it’s time to start scaling it

An entry in the 44 to 48 per share range would be perfect in another marketwide selloff. I’ll be building a position from current price down to 44 and watch price action to guide me further. The fundamentals are on the buyers side.

I think it’s time to take more long positions

We saw a great retracement of yesterday’s fall. But this has ended now and a renewed decline may be expected.

Plan is pushing extreme levels to the upside. Its on its 5th up day and its gone a little to parabolic to the upside, almost in a straight line. Its in overbought territory and already well overextended on its bollinger bands. I think its going to need a breather for a day or two with a nice pullback to $45 level. Once it pulls back, I will exit trade because.

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